Youth opts for smart accessories by DIGITEK

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March 7, 2019
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Youth opts for smart accessories by DIGITEK


On a fine Sunday morning, a news headline in the feature page caught our attention. We studied thoroughly, gave it a thought, checked our facts, analysed the scenario and made few judgement. With those judgement, we are not actually judging you, but yes we are trying to decode the customer behavior of a smartphone user.

Smartphones have reached everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, gender or age. In this unbiased scenario, there comes an independent study, which states that people over the age of 40 have that phone case that opens like a book! Interestingly, we all know that one uncle/aunty having that book-like smart phone cover.  Well, if you too have that phone case cover, you are not old necessarily, But yes, you are among those majority of old people who use that sort of covers. Basis such studies, you can say that mobile accessories are biased. Age of the mobile phone user determines the kind of mobile accessories used by them.

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Age does have an effect on the choices we make, right from the fashion picks to the eating patterns. The red shoes that the 24 year guy would love to flaunt could be a flashy choice for an elderly. Similarly, the mobile accessory that a young savvy guy uses, might be tough for an aging man. Mobile accessories are not just limited to the mobile covers, but the add-ons to the phone that enhance your experience with it. Showing off cool gadgets is one of the latest fad among the younger generations, especially the millennial.

And, the above statement got verified just when we checked our customer data sheets for the last one year. 74% of the customers who bought any Mobile Accessory from Digitek were aged between 18-34 years. 35% of these customers have bought more than one product from Digitek, while 12% owns more than 2 mobile or camera accessories by Digitek. So, we are privileged to have a lot of young tech heads opting for high performance and good quality mobile accessories at affordable prices by Digitek.

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Young people are much-aware about the product specifications and make in-depth comparisons before making any purchase. That is why; Digitek is committed to provide full range of mobile and camera accessories as per the customer’s requirement, at affordable prices. We have a powerful & reliable range of mobile power-banks, stylish variants of USB cables and an extremely amazing range of portable & Bluetooth speakers. Also, we are trusted by the community of photographer for our premium & professional range of camera accessories that includes flash lights, tripods, monopods, batteries etc.

We are in the age where number of mobile & camera accessories have flooded in the market. Today, the user have unlimited options to choose from a variety of products by different brands offering different features. In such a competitive scenario, Digitek has successfully gathered a huge fan-base of loyal users, with the promising products for smartphones and cameras. Hence, it is important to provide finest features at extremely affordable prices, especially in a price sensitive market like India.

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