Digitek INSTANT POWER Bank DIP-13000 B
March 7, 2019
envie battery charger online, battery charger in India
Envie Beetle Battery Charger ECR-20
March 7, 2019


This charger can charge AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries.

Feature :

Individual Charging slot, Charges 1/2/3/4 AA / AAA Sizes at a time.
Super Quick Charger, Charges 2100mAh Batteries in Just 1.2* hours.
Desktop Charger with Indian Plug & LCD Display.
Auto Cut Charger & Bad Cell Detection.

Ideal For Travel, World Wide Voltage 100-240V

Output current

1800mA x 1, 900mAx 2, 450m A x 3, 450mA x 4 for AA
900mA x 1, 450mA x2, 225mA x 3, 225mA x 4 for AAA


Improper operation may cause electric shock.
Prevent from reverse Polarity,
This charger should be placed beyond children’s reach.
Cannot be disassembled or assembled by Unprofessional.
Use it between temperatures 0°C-40°C.
Indoor use only. Do not use it under sunshine or rain.



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