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Camera Batteries and Chargers Online

Digitek Range of Camera & Photographic Products becomes first choice of Indian Professional Photographer. Its wide range includes Studio Accessory Batteries, Camera Chargers online, Tripod, Flash Lights, Studio Lights, Portalight , AA-AAA-9V Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers, Video Slider, Remote Trigger etc. for Professional Photographic need. We are also the leading provider of Li-ion Batteries for DSLR Camera under brand name Digitek. Supporting with 1 Year Replacement warranty & after service. Buy camera chargers online in Rohini,Delhi with full range of its accessories all over.

Digitek Studio Flash Online

The basic reason behind using a studio flash light is to minimize the effect of sunlight and yet create a beautiful image and enhance it significantly. Digitek studio flash units come in a variety of options to suit everyone from the hobbyist to the advanced.

Digitek Flash Speedlite DFL 1000T

This speedlite is great for weddings as it recycles much faster than the other flash guns. The newDFL 1000T works on full TTL flash metering and auto functionality.
The DigiTek DFL 1000T is the first flash lights unit in India which uses a rechargeable lithium battery instead of regular alkaline NiMh AA cells. This provides the photographer with a greater number of shots per charge. It also allows the camera to recycle much faster than other flash guns, reducing the time between shots. This is a huge advantage, especially in situations like wedding photography, where waiting for a flash to recharge can mean a missed moment. What is even more unique about the DigiTek DFL 1000Tis that it works with full TTL flash metering and complete with auto functionality and control, on both Nikon and Canon DSLRs. This gives a multi-camera user the advantage of not needing to buy two flash units for each system, but just the DFL 1000T. Buy camera accessories online at best price.